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The government is tough on State Jail Felonies. A State Jail Felony conviction carries a minimum punishment range of 180 days to 2 years in a State Jail Facility. State Jail time is served on a day for day basis, meaning there is no parole or “good time” (in rare cases a person may receive diligent participation credit).

Under section 12.44(a) a person convicted of a State Jail Felony offense is subject to a misdemeanor punishment range of 0-365 days in county jail. Serving time in County Jail as opposed to State Jail subjects a defendant to a lesser range of punishment and allows the possibility of work release and weekend jail.

Abe Factor is an expert attorney with decades experience defending an array of State Jail Felony cases. From theft of firearm, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, to offenses for possession of minor amounts of narcotics, Abe Factor has the experience and skill to handle your State Jail Felony defense. A State Jail Felony is a serious matter, and options become more limited the longer the charge is put off, so call our offices today and put Abe and his team to work for you.

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